Basic Rules for Renting a Serviced Office: Expert Advice

The current state of the office real estate market allows tenants to dictate their conditions. Today they have the opportunity to upgrade their office and change it to new premises of the same class, or even migrate to a higher class building, without significantly increasing the cost of the rent. 

First of all, this is due to the oversaturation of the market, as well as the current economic realities. However, one solution for renting gains extreme popularity today — serviced offices. About the peculiarities of such a workspace and selection tips — read below.


Why Do Tenants Choose a Serviced Office?

Perhaps, a classic office isn’t quite suitable for your company. The business world is undergoing big changes: employees need to work on the go, modern working conditions require flexibility, mobility, and being in touch 24/7. 

Following current trends, business owners started to rent the serviced offices and coworking, which allow small and medium-sized companies to quickly deploy their business and use their resources efficiently. These are offices for small companies from 3 to 12 people, fully furnished with all the necessary equipment, including Wi-Fi, lockers, a fully equipped kitchen, a printer area, and a concierge. 

When you rent a serviced office or coworking space, you are provided with an entire package of services, and the rental price also includes utilities and communications services. Thus, you don’t waste your time on abstract administrative tasks. Perhaps this is the perfect solution for your organization.

This office format also provides an excellent networking opportunity. Have you ever wondered how networking contributes to the development of your business? It stimulates the emergence of amazing ideas and collaborations. Offices in business centers, where residents have the opportunity to meet and have a cup of coffee, or where people have the opportunity to interact with each other, have a big advantage — here you exchange contacts and useful info with people from different fields of activity, with whom it will be possible to organize joint projects. 


How to Choose a Serviced Office?

Optimal office size

According to statistics, about 10 square meters are required per person on average. If an organization employs 10 people, then the average required area is 100 sq. m, including common areas such as a conference room, reception, a couple of offices, and open space. It isn’t always true to compare one space with another only by the rental rate per square meter. 

It’s necessary to pay attention to the ergonomics and correct use of the space in the room: a large area doesn’t guarantee efficient use of the space. Experience shows that with high-quality design, the lease area can be reduced several times — this, in turn, saves your money.

Workspace organization

It’s not a secret to anyone that a beautiful and comfortable space directly affects how efficiently we work since about 2/3 of our time is spent in the office. It turns out that we spend most of the day at work, so the workplace must be truly a second home for a person.

Office Solutions, one of the leading companies in the market for the creation of an effective workspace, has made research and identified aspects that ensure comfortable work. They include:

  • the convenience of a working chair;
  • convenience and availability of various office accessories (ideally, everything should be located at arm’s distance);
  • acoustics and low noise pollution;
  • lighting;
  • temperature;
  • design.

All of these factors must be considered when renting a workspace so that it positively affects the physical health, emotional well-being, and productivity of your employees.


Employers should pay attention to location, as the convenience of the office for employees is important. In pursuit of savings, companies take detached cottages, which are then very difficult for employees to get to every morning. Besides, renting such premises usually entails hidden costs for additional security, maintenance of engineering systems, cleaning and landscaping on the territory, etc.


Pay attention to the availability of infrastructure nearby: cafés, shops, dry cleaning, pharmacy, other types of services. The proximity of such places helps your employees spend less time solving their everyday tasks and fully concentrate on work. After all, time is the greatest value, so the location of the café within walking distance from the office or, for example, dry cleaning is a great bonus that allows you to effectively manage your time.


In Conclusion

When choosing an office, start from efficiency — this is not only the final cost of rent but a combination of many aspects, such as a convenient location, parking, infrastructure, neighborhood, and compliance with the goals of the company. It is necessary to change the attitude towards office rent, it shouldn’t be viewed only as expenses. In modern realities, renting a high-quality serviced office is your asset, which directly affects the efficiency and success of the company as a whole.

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