Is It True That a Well-Equipped Office Affects Employee Productivity?

Nowadays, stress is one of the usual components of office work. According to the Global Benefits Attitudes Survey, 30% of office workers have experienced stress or depression over the past two years. Minimizing the negative psychological impact of the working atmosphere on employees is the №1 task for any employer. 

Meanwhile, according to another study, the internal culture and amenities of the office are decisive for even more employees (32.5% and 15.8%, respectively) than the salary and bonuses (45%). In general, you shouldn’t lose valuable employees just because the workspace is poorly equipped. Below we will list the most important factors in creating the right office environment for better work performance and results.


State of the Building

The office where the team will work must meet some basic requirements. The quality of the air, the level of natural light and noise, the height of the ceilings, and the quality of the materials used in the construction greatly affect how comfortable it will be to work in this place. You should not expect people to adapt to everything. By the way, people who work in bad offices may develop Sick Building Syndrome, which turns into health problems and low productivity. 

Multifunctionality of Space

Employees should not be tied to one workplace. Almost all work is concentrated on the laptop, and workers want to be able to choose a work area that suits the moment. A quiet room for concentrated work, a chair on the terrace on a sunny day, an isolated telephone booth for emotional telephone conversations — according to the Activity Based Office concept, zones for all basic activities should be created in a modern office. Employees should be able to choose which of them is convenient for them to work at the moment. Among other things, it should strike a balance between privacy and communication at work. 


It is widely believed that the likelihood of creating a cool product in boring spaces is extremely low. People do not like working in primitive, dull interiors, this is interpreted as that the company does not care about its employees and that it just uses them. As a result, there is a negative psychological effect that reduces motivation, concentration, and other performance indicators. 

There are many ways to make a workspace attractive/unusual/creative — from traditional collaboration with a design bureau to inviting contemporary artists to decorate the premises. Also, the positive effect that can be achieved when using the principles of biophilia in design is obvious, and how important contact with nature is for humans. 

Right Neighbors

Work is increasingly merging with life: being in touch 24/7 is becoming the norm not only for top managers. Therefore, it is becoming more and more important to communicate with like-minded people at work. If in a traditional office it is rare to choose who you will sit next to, then in new generation workspaces this parameter is much better regulated. 

Due to the lack of a clear reference to one place, you can move to where the atmosphere seems more suitable. It is not difficult to imagine the obvious advantages of high-quality networking — new business contacts, joint ideas and the opportunity to present them to people, exchange of information, and just enjoy pleasant communication.

Healthy Initiatives

A healthy lifestyle has become incredibly popular in recent years, largely because people notice that to cope with the ever-increasing pace of life, you need to be in good shape. The office shouldn’t have a fancy gym, but it’s good to have a small room for simple exercises and warm-ups on every floor. 

Also, you can provide the staff with a pair of bicycles on which they could ride around the office area. Plus, buying a juicer, a blender, and a few kilos of fruit each month won’t break anyone’s budget, but will help employees feel healthier and better.

Location and Access

In the endless race for efficiency, everything matters. Including how convenient the route to work is. If you have to get to the office by three types of transport, you can be sure that successful people will not stay here for a long time. Returning to the 24/7 mode, we note that everything is done for the comfort of a person, and if it is convenient for someone to work from lunch until late at night, the workspace should also provide such an opportunity.

We believe that the task of the employer is to find problem areas in the organization of the workspace and eliminate them. Without workplace comfort, productivity will suffer.

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