5 Reasons to Use the Professional Services for Finding a Convenient Office

In 2021, more businesses appear as the result of the technological revolution and transformation of the economy. Therefore, many business owners delegate a large piece of work to outsourcers, while the emergence of new technical tools allows replacing the whole professions or sectors of the economy. For example, online directories for finding a workspace gradually replace the estate agents. Today, we invite you to study the advantages of using professional online tools for finding a convenient office. Let’s start!


Artificial intelligence instead of a realtor

Each business owner in the process of searching for an office wants to find the ideal option as quickly as possible that matches all the input data. What is needed for this?

  1. Collect all existing offers on the market;
  2. Exclude everything that does not correspond to our parameters (including fakes, duplicates, objects with strange parameters, etc.);
  3. Highlight those characteristics that are a priority for a particular business.

AI does an excellent job of solving such problems. It remains only to collect all the proposals, take into account the tasks that are faced when searching for an office, and figure out what is good and what is bad.


Five Reasons to Use a Professional Online Service

Classes and prices

Offices are conventionally divided into different classes — A+, A, A-, B, C, and D. The higher the class, the better the location, quality of premises, and infrastructure development. Accordingly, the average rental price may significantly vary. Of course, renting an office in a business center is the most convenient option. For example, in case of need for expansion, it will be possible to move or rent additional premises in the neighborhood. Thanks to the online tools for office selection, one can search for the options within a certain budget or a class. Meanwhile, the result will be on the screen in a few seconds. No estate agent can provide such a quick response.

Office for people

A typical mistake of a business owner is to rent an office near his home or in a prestigious location. In this case, problems arise with the search for personnel and attracting clients. Not everyone is ready to travel to a remote industrial zone or pay 200 dollars for a business lunch. Think about the ordinary employees: how will they get to the office, where will they have lunch, etc. Parking is also an important issue — immediately decide how many parking places your employees and customers need. Fortunately, the interactive online tool allows you to review the availability of the necessary infrastructure on the map. It greatly simplifies the selection process.

Key priorities

Depending on the role of the premises in business, one can rent the so-called front-office or back-office. Are you going to meet with your clients in the office? What is the expected flow of customers per day? If there are a lot of clients, then the front office should be located in the city center near the metro. If you open a web design studio and the main communication with the client will be online, then almost any space will suit you. Therefore, it is important to first decide how you will work with clients, and only then look for an office. Meanwhile, the online directory will help you find a place for different purposes — from industrial to retail.

Rent or buy?

Clients often ask: what is more profitable — rent or buy? Each situation is individual: it is necessary to compare the rise in rental rates and the rise in prices for commercial real estate. This can be done individually with the help of an online service. The choice of most companies is to rent. However, alternative instruments such as commercial mortgages and real estate leasing cannot be excluded.

Speed and scale

There is no doubt that online tools for corporate real estate search are much faster than any other alternatives. Moreover, they allow covering a bigger variety of premises, expanding your search to an unprecedented scale. However, this is not an ocean in which you immediately get lost, because you have many filters to sort out the best proposals. Good luck!

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