Top-5 Companies to Help You Find a Serviced Office in Calgary

CEOs and top managers often think that buying a serviced office is more cost-effective than organizing a move from scratch. The convenience of a serviced office can be especially beneficial for a company with a global reach. Heads of offices located in other countries of the world can move with minimal effort and save their time to concentrate on business. To help business owners and managers who are considering the possibility of buying or renting a serviced office in Calgary, we’ve made this handy guide that clearly outlines the advantages of this decision.


What Is a Serviced Office?

Serviced offices, like serviced apartments, are workspaces that can be rented on a flexible, short-term basis and offer built-in facilities such as clerical support, staff reception, and Wi-Fi. The tenant pays the full rental price each month as well as the cost of servicing. The office space is equipped and designed according to the supplier’s specification, allowing the tenant to simply come in and start working.

The contract period for a serviced office can range from one month to 3 years, making this option particularly suitable for startups and small businesses that value flexibility and want to minimize upfront capital costs such as furniture and equipment.

Key advantages of this decision are the following:

  • Simple configuration — office-as-a-Service solutions provide ready-made spaces where you can simply plug in, and get started;
  • Greater Flexibility — shorter contracts offer a much greater degree of flexibility for young companies with changing growth prospects;
  • All-Inclusive — Modern providers offer a range of attractive, all-inclusive features such as seating areas, free tea, coffee and Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, and social spaces;
  • Collaboration environments — shared serviced office space can often provide small businesses with increased networking capabilities and encourage collaboration;
  • Simplified accounting — an all-inclusive contract means only one invoice that can be paid monthly for more control over cash flows (as opposed to regular leases, which are paid quarterly).

Now let’s consider the most reliable companies that can assist you in searching for the best-serviced working space in Calgary.


Top-5 Companies to Help You with a Search


OfficeQuest makes it easy to find the perfect serviced office in Calgary, Canada. The directory provides an overview of the serviced offices currently available for rent in Calgary and allows users to request additional details of any serviced offices.

Instant Offices

Instant Offices is a convenient virtual catalog of available offices for renting. Established in 1999, the company helped to find serviced offices for Jaguar Land Rover, Barclays, Prudential, Amex, Capita,, and Worldpay making them the market leader in flexible workspace.


LoopNet is a website allowing you to find your next commercial property. It allows finding not only office space but also relevant locations for industrial, retail, restaurant, warehouse purposes. The website allows you to navigate the map in real-time and find the appropriate working space by various criteria.


RentFaster is a convenient rental guide for corporate clients. The website also provides users with a handy navigation tool, which immediately shows the location of available offices on the map, their price, and facilities. 

Avison Young

Avison Young is a web resource that allows you to search for the best leasing proposals on the market. It has many options for various categories of clients — from industrial to healthcare companies. 


What Are the Companies Guided by When Choosing an Office? 

Rent price

It is not without reason that this criterion is the first. No matter how cool the room and location are, if the price goes beyond the budget, this option will not even be considered.

Office location

Location is still a decisive factor for employees. Getting to the outskirts of the city every day is not inspiring. The central location is a priority for many companies. Outsource companies choose offices near the metro or provide transportation.


The third most important factor in choosing an office for IT companies is the area. Each company tries to select premises that would not only be comfortable for the current staff but be spacious enough when the team will begin to expand.


In Conclusion

Of course, each company is special and any potential tenant is likely to have additional selection criteria. Nevertheless, if you are considering the opportunity of renting the serviced office in Calgary, now you know the advantages of this decision, as well as the key selection criteria. Choose any of the online services to find the appropriate premises for your company and enjoy the benefits of a serviced office.

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